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College Selection

Making the best decisions about "college fit" for a student may be one of the most difficult, but most important part of the college admissions process. With over 4,000 colleges and universities in the United States and hundreds of academic majors, it is vital to filter the choices for the best outcome. A student finding a university where they can succeed will avoid having to transfer to another college which may result in costing a student time, money and a delayed graduation date.

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Financial Aid & Scholarship Assistance

A family needs to know how to apply for financial aid and scholarships no matter what their personal financial position may be. Completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is an important step in this process. Knowing more about how and why you are completing these forms will help you make a better financial plan.

Icon of Essay service provided by Admissions Coach

Essay Development

There is a lot more to essay development than fine tuning one well written paper that your trusted friends and teachers have edited. Understanding how you can best convey who you are, your goals, and how you can best contribute in a 250-600 word essay, or a 2000 character response, may be critical in whether you are accepted at your top choice. We help you understand how to write an essay that shows who you are and how you "fit" for a college admission audience.

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Resumé Development

A well-developed resumé can be the best way for a student to concisely present a vision of who he or she is and what kind of unique experiences or accomplishments have been achieved. The resumé provides guidance counselors and teachers a wholistic picture of a student which can help these professionals make more detailed and personalized recommendations.

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College Application Coaching

There are different types of college applications with deadlines for admission and scholarships. Should you use the Coalition for Access, Affordability & Success application? Does the college require the Common Application or, perhaps they have an institutional application? Do you need recommendations? Does the college super score your standardized tests? We help you get organized and mange this process so that you will have less stress and more confidence.

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Workshops & Summer Camps

We run workshops for students and parents throughout the year. Workshops are targeted to different students and their needs. Examples of the families we help would be: students just entering high school, sophomores preparing their high school resume, activities and courses, juniors preparing for college applications and tours, and more! Our one on one coaching is always targeting specifically to your family's needs. Many families need advice on scholarships, financial aid, college selection etc.

Present workshops will be posted

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Customized Campus Visits

Did you know most students visit colleges on the same day of the week. Did you realize there many things you can prepare to customize your visit to really get a sense of the right college fit for your child. All colleges want to appeal to families, so be sure your visit provides all the information you need to make the right decision.

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